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Motor City Bowler's Guild, Inc.  is a member of Central States Bowling Guilds, Inc (CSBG), a bowling organization consisting of member guilds from seven (7) Metropolitan Cities.  The guilds are:

  • Gateway Bowling Guild, St. Louis,MO
  • Midwest Bowlers Guild, Kansas City, MO
  • Milwaukee Bowlers Guild, Milwaukee, WI
  • Motor City Bowler's Guild, Detroit, MI
  • Road Runners Bowling Guild, Des Moines, IA
  • Twin Cities Bowlers Guild, Minneapolis/St Paul, MN
  • Wildcat Bowlers Guild, Quad Cities, IL

MCBG competes each year in the annual CSBG tournament the weekend just prior to Labor day, rotating between sister cities. In 2018 the tournament was held in Davenport IA, hosted by Wildcat Bowlers Guild.  In 2019 the tournament moves to St Louis MO, hosted by Gateway.

The tournament which has 4 events; Mixed Doubles, Singles,  Doubles & Team is USBC certified.  The tournament is closed, as all bowlers must be members of CSBG.  Uniforms are required for each event.

Winning the Joe Hargraves trophy during the team event is the main goal of the tournament.  The trophy is presented to the winning guild at the Banquet that is held Sunday night.  MCBG was the winner in 2016, the year CSBG celebrated its 50th Anniversary and again in 2018.

Members proudly display trophy in Minneapolis.


For more information on CSBG, visit http://www.centralstatesbowling.org


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